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AG Pad

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New hot stamping system for 3D surface

It is a breakthrough hot stamping technology using special silicone pad. No longer need to produce designed die to fit on substrate.

Ordinary hot stamp needs metal or rubber dies which designed to fit substrate.

Unlike existing hot stamping, AG Pad has internal heating mechanism on its surface. AG pad can hot stamp on various shapes and materials with one pad.

It need less electric power than existing hot stamping because of its thermal efficiency

Existing hot stamping need 30 to 60 min. for rising temperature because of its mechanism of transferring heat from machine to the metal or rubber dies. It has greater loss capability and sometimes it need additional heater by substrate shapes.
AG pad need only 10 to 20 min.to get ready because of heat rubber layer in the pad.

You need only 30 watt and it saves large power saving compare with existing hot stamping.

AG pad can use with existing hot stamping machine.

If you own up-down type hot stamping machine, AG pad can be used by attaching control unit to your machine.

Possibility for replace evaporating coating or plate processing.

AG pad is the answer for your cost-cutting and environmental- friendly requirements.

Redesigned the control method.

Old AG pad has adjusted temperature by heating method of stabilizing current power and voltage. However, this method had problem of controlling heat release rate if heating layer of AG pad got damaged. This is directly affect workability.

New control method

We redesigned control method which stabilizes current power.


1. By keeping current power stable, it stables heat release rate even heating layer of AG pad got damaged by pressure of hot stamping.

2. New method rise about 10% of productivity.

3. New method rise about 20% of pad durability compare with old AG pad.


Certified CE marking

New AG pad is not affected by noise of workplace and certified CE marking.

For use in overseas

It is acceptable to AC100V ~ AC200V.

Plug type A is standard but also available for other types.

Developmental background

Existing hot stamping method is alleged to established technology and no room for technological renovation.However, the industry needs of cost cutting and variation of design needs are growing. Also environment-friendliness is important in printing and decorating industry.
We are struggled to the question of what we can do for this as “Special printing experts”. And AG pad is one of our reasons for this question.

New possibility and strength with AG pad.

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We received the prize of incentive
award of JPAA.


AG pad method and manufacture process received the price of incentive award of JPAA (Japan Patent Attorneys Association) in 2010 as great innovation.

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