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Botanical cleaning liquid

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Powerful solvency and detergency of E-clean, the plant based solvent.

Plant based cleaning liquids, E-clean (PSR) and E-clean (PSM) have excellent dissolving power and detergency. PSW(5L_20L)1.jpg全荷姿写真New3.jpg

They are 100% plant-based and contain no toxic substances, so it’s friendly for humans and the environment. Unlike existing petroleum cleaning liquids, E- clean works effectively with renewable plant power and is biodegradable so it will return to nature.
E-clean provides a solution to the problems, such as environmental pollution, rough skin, cracked hands, respiratory inflammation and allergies.



- 100% plant extract.

- No harmful substances for the human body or the environment.

- Water soluble and readily biodegradable so it’s safe even if it’s directly discharged into sewers at appropriate concentrations.

- No negative effects on health from absorption through the skin.

- Can be used as a replacement for petroleum cleaning liquids and is effective as a countermeasure VOC for reducing.

- E-clean is less volatile and has less odor than existing petroleum cleaning liquids so it improves your working environment.

- Effective in removing and cleaning ink, paint, adhesive, oil and grease.

- Excellent cleaning and dissolving power.

- More efficient when used in warmer temperature.

- Renewable and reusable.

- Prevent various metal surfaces from tarnishing, corrosion and deterioration.

- Can be used on most resins. Less damage from corrosion than existing petroleum cleaning liquids.

- Classified as Category 4 of Japan’s Fire Service Act. Easy to store and handle.

- Can be used for ultrasound cleaning machines.

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