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Pad Printing Accessories

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Pad Printing Accessories

Tokushu Abe Seihanjo provides all accessories required for your pad printing.

Pad printing plates (clichés)

We are very experienced in manufacturing high-precision plate for high printing quality.
Digital data submission such as AI, EPS, and DXF is available.

Steel plate

(Roughness data measured in our factory.)

- Etching depth: ±2μm

Printing quality depends greatly on the etching depth and smoothness of the bottom surface.Tokushu Abe Seihanjo has paid attention to these points from early days and sets our quality standard within ±2μm.We assure consistent printing quality.

- High hardness and durability

Hardness of our plate is between HRC 61 to HRC 64. We conduct a hardness check on all our products. Our plates are scratch resistant and highly durable.


- Wide range of plates in stock

We have various plate sizes compatible with different types of printing machines. We can process plates to any specific size. We also provide plates for water based ink and other special inks.

- Recyclable

Used plates can be recycled by grinding and wrapping treatment.
It responds to demand for resource-saving and cost-cutting.

Photopolymer plate (Resin plate)

For small lot printing jobs such as trial production, a photopolymer plate is recommended because of its cost efficiency. Please inform us of the required size.
Maker BASF 
Product name ST-52 T-30
Resin thickness More than 300μm 30μm
Feature Good for solid printing.Highly durable type Good for fine line printing
Size Please give us your request size. 

Silicone pad

- Approximately 400 shapes and also provides Made-to-order shaped pad and Combination pad.

- 12 materials and 4 different levels of hardness in each.

- Our technical staff can recommend the best silicone pad shape and types for your printing condition of inks, substrate shapes, and so on.

Doctor blade

CIMG0712 (1).JPG

We provide 4 types of doctor blades. According to your printing specifications, you can select the most appropriate doctor blades.

For more information, please see “Doctor Blade”.



Tokushu Abe Seihanjo, the expert in pad printing, manufactures high-precision and high-productivity jigs.

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