We are technical experts in special print plate making.

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We offer various technologies by our many years of knowledge such as conductive pattern formation on curved surface and other special methods which using silicone pad.


A-SPEC Coating

Special coating for offset printing plate surface. It increases productivity and improving the printing machine operation by reducing deposited excess ink in depressed area of plate surface. It makes longer and stable printing quality.


Conductive pattern formation by pad printing

We introduce cutting edge technologies, including conductive pattern formation for 3D surface and other printing techniques using our original silicone pad.
Usage:For inside of antenna in mobile devices, and MID.


Pad printing accessories for UV ink

Use our newly developed silicone pad (UK type) and special processed plate. A heating unit should be installed in the printer to stabilize the ink viscosity.


Pad printing method to the outer periphery of concave cylinders

This technology enables printing the whole circumference of uneven cylinder surfaces. Pad printing method to the outer periphery of concave cylinders


Pad printing method to inner periphery

This image shows how printing is done inside the surface of an acrylic cylinder. It is now possible to print inner surfaces of cylinders.

We are certified as "The Koto brand" 

"Koto brand" is the brand which is certificated from Koto-ku (local govenment) to the company which located in the area. These company should hold great products, traditional products inherited historically or  innovative business development. We, as a Koto Brand, will devote oneself to produce and supply better products for all of our customers.

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