We are technical experts in special print plate making.

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Precision of jig is directly affect product quality and productivity!


Tokushu Abe Seihanjo, the expert in various printing methods and secondary processing, can manufacture high-precision and high-productivity jigs.
Various metals and resins are used to create jigs, and we also have scratch resistant materials available for your substrates.

For hot stamping


We manufacture hot stamping jigs for any manufacture’s rotary type, both direct pressure and flat roll types, from small to large machines. We also manufacture dies and jigs together to ensure more precise hot stamping.

For pad printing


We design and manufacture the mask jig for your substrate. It will avoid deformation and deterioration of silicone pad.

It will be expensive if the jig for complicate-shaped substrate is made by cutting operation.We make them by mold filling by resin and that will be highly workable and moderate in price.

For screen printing


We manufacture jigs for flat printing of for printing over the entire circumference, whether on complicated shaped products or on blown plastic bottles, no matter the size, and compatible with individual machines from various manufactures.

For high-frequency induction heating and ultrasound welding

For welding process, the fit of substrate and jig is the key for good finishing. We manufacture precise jig by our wealthy experience.


We are confident that our experience and precision technologies will meet your specifications for testing (to verify printing position), for adjustments (to correct warpage of the shaped products) and for various assemblies to improve productive efficiency during secondary processing. Please free to contact us.

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