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Pad printing method to inner periphery

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Now it is possible to print inner surfaces of cylinders

This picture is printed image of inner surface of cylinder.
Like this, it is possible to print on the inner surface of cylinders.
It will help desirability and functionality.



- It is now possible to print entire perimeter of cylinders.

- Available to print on the vertical surface of cylinders.

- If you print transparent cylinder by this printing method,
it is possible to cut over coating process because of no risks of scratching.
Also it’s no need to care adhesion strength of inks.


How to print

1. It is usual pad printing and no need to attach extra features to your machine.

2. Printing by silicone pad with severe printing position.





Printing condition

- Printing width and position have restriction.

- The substrate should be cylinder shape.

- Special silicone pad is needed.

- Adjusting image is needed because of deformation that happening in printing process.

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