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Efforts to human resources

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Our approach to human asset


Like technology and know-how Tokuabe Co., Ltd. built over the years since its establishment, the company also regards employees to be their asset. It is the reason why the company chooses the term “human asset” instead of “human resource.” Under such concept, and with slogans “building things is building people,” we put strong emphasis on human asset.

The environment surrounding our company and our clients is changing fast. In parallel to that, there are new issues that need to be dealt with. In order to find answers to these problems, not to mention realizing the problem itself to begin with, each staff needs to make a contribution.

It is essential that we answer to the needs of various customers, responding to what they want, realizing their problems, and seeing that they receive proposal and support at full to make an improvement.

Passing on our technology and know-how is no doubt essential. But we also focus on building a working atmosphere where people can cultivate autonomy and independence,so that they can provide quality product and service as first-class individuals both in and outside their work.


Concrete employee training


【1】 Encourage employees to acquire qualification

① Qualification for packaging management

Many of our clients are companies that deal in packaging.

People who have qualifications for packaging, have a broad understating for packaging, together with skills, which they acquired from basics, which go way beyond our working arena.

Two employees have this qualification in our company, to answer client’s needs.


② Operations chief of specified chemical substances

Operations chief of specified chemical substances is a national qualification prescribed in the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Operators choose the qualified person who has undergone the training course for handling specified chemical substances and tetra-alkyl lead.

The qualified person will have completed and acquired the following:

- Knowledge on health disorder and prevention measures from specified chemical substances.

- Knowledge on ways to improve working environment.

- Knowledge on protective equipment.

- Related laws and regulations.


③ Operations chief of organic solvent

Operations chief of organic solvent is a national qualification prescribed in the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Operators choose the qualified person who has undergone the training course of handling organic solvent.

The qualification requires supervision and direction to prevent damage from organic solvent, as well as securing hygienic environment for the employees based on occupational safety and health. Also, knowledge and experience on hazardous material of fire is required.


④ Operations chief of special controlled industrial waste

Operations chief of special controlled industrial waste is a regime prescribed on an act regarding management and cleaning of industrial waste (Waste Disposal Law, Act No. 137 of 1970). Workplaces that produce special controlled industrial waste is required to have a person with this qualification so that they can supervise appropriate ways to manage industrial waste. Operations chief is installed based on the operator’s specifications (or sometimes installed by the operator himself), but it must be a person with qualifications determined by Ordinance of the Ministry of the Environment (including the Ministry of Health and Welfare Ordinance before the central government ministries and agencies reorganized itself).

A qualified person must exist not only in each office (company, corporation), but also in every workplace (processing plant, etc), so that they can carry out overall management of special controlled industrial waste, like the following:

- Understanding the situation of discharge of special controlled industrial waste.

- Making a disposal plan for special controlled industrial waste.

- Securing appropriate disposal (and related issues).

- Confirming classification and storage.

- Executing an appropriate commission.

- Issuing and securing control documentation.


【2】Training for all employees

All our employees have received training from outside training institutions on essential facts required to perform their job effeicently including, “how to listen so that the speaker opens up to you,” “logical thinking,” “how to speak with persuasiveness,” “how to write and get your message through,” and “how to work smoothly.”


【3】Training on environment managing/quality control

Our company has acquired “Eco Action 21” in 2010 and “ISO 9001” in 2013. We spent a year and half each to acquire both qualifications, during which all our employees listened to lectures from visiting lecturers and received hands-on training once a month.


【4】Study meetings within the production department

We organize study meetings on technological subject matters within sections and departments, to share information.


【5】Joint employee training sessions between different occupations

Currently, twice every year, all employees participate in joint employee training sessions between companies of different fields. Employees who belong to sections where they normally don’t get much opportunity to communicate with people outside their own company, get the chance to meet with people of various fields, which enables them to expand their views. 


【6】Executive training

Executive training is essential for executives to be able to raise excellent personnel within the company. In a two year school seminar, chosen executives go through a curriculum that ranges from business manners, to attitudes required to be an executive, communication, management, leadership, marketing, human assessment, assertiveness, financial affairs and management.


【7】Section Goal Presentation/5S Contest 

All staff members gather at the beginning of a new period, for a Section Goal Presentation, in which they report on the progress and result of the goal they set in the previous term, and announce their measures for the following term. Together with 5S Contest held twice a year, all employees achieve planning abilities and presentation skills.